Diploma of Science

The Diploma of Science leads to Deakin University's Bachelor degrees in science, biomedical science, environmental science, forensic science or zoology and animal science. Graduates may work in a wide range of cutting-edge and rapidly growing fields, and could be involved in the scientific developments that hold the key to the future.

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Year Duration International Students Australian Students


2 trimesters (Fast track)
3 trimesters (Standard track)

A$31,440 (A$3930 per unit)

A$25,040 ($3130 per unit)




  • Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


  • Eight to twelve months


  • March, June and October


  • 063387K

Course structure

Complete and pass eight units^

      • SLE123 Physics for the Life Sciences
      • SLE111 Cells and Genes*
      • SLE132 Biology: Form and Function*
      • SLE133 Chemistry in Our World*
      • SLE155 Chemistry for the Professional Sciences**
      • HBS107 Understanding Health
      • HBS109 Human Structure and Function
      • HSN101 Foundations of Food, Nutrition and Health
      • SIT191 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
      • SIT194 Introduction to Mathematical Modelling
      • SLE102 Physical Geography*
      • SLE103 Ecology and the Environment
      • SLE112 Fundamentals of Forensic Science*
      • SLE115 Essential Skills in Bioscience
      • SLE121 Enviromental Sustainability

All Diploma of Science students must complete a Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety Induction Program (SLE010), which is a 50-minute safety training program and STP050 Academic Integrity which is a three hour training module. These units are 0 credit point units and do not count toward your total units. ^ Unit selection will be based on the bachelor degree you wish to progress to * You must complete SLE010 Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety Induction Program as a co-requisite to these units** You must successfully complete SLE133 Chemistry in our World before enrolling in this unit.

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