Finding accommodation

Arrange accommodation as soon as you know which campus you'll be studying at. Options will depend on your campus location, budget, and preference.

Where should I get accommodation?

Where you find accommodation will depend on the campus where you choose to complete your course. Explore our campuses in Melbourne and Geelong before you make your decision.

On-campus accommodation

Feel at home at Deakin

Make Deakin your home. Enjoy spacious new buildings and full WiFi coverage, including open and inviting spaces for socialising and studying.

Living on campus means you can immerse yourself in the Deakin College experience, meet other students, and easily adjust to life at university. Designed to facilitate your studies and personal life, each Deakin residence is comfortable, secure, and welcoming. You will have access to modern facilities, a 24/7 reception, and Deakin College on your doorstep - but on the other hand, no excuses to be late to class!

On-campus accommodation is available at:


Haseeb Ahmad

"I like Deakin College because of the intimate small class size with limited number of students so the lecturer could focus on each and every individual which is why I got HD. I can directly communicate with my lecturers and discuss my problem and clear my confusion which is really helpful and convenient."


Diploma of Health Science

Pakistani student

Off-campus housing service

Deakin College can help you find your best options

If you prefer to live off campus, Deakin College can suggest accommodation options including full board, shared housing and rental properties through Deakin University Student Life.