Welcome, international students!

This is where you'll find everything you need to know about starting your studies and settling in Australia.


Use this checklist to make sure you have met all the requirements before getting started on your study journey.


You should arrange accommodation as soon as you know which campus you'll be studying at. View your options here.

Arriving in Australia

We'll guide you through everything you need to know and do before arriving in Australia.

Australian culture

Get settled into a new country and your new home with a better understanding of Australian culture.


To avoid international charges, we recommend you open an Australian bank account while you're here.


As a student in Australia, there are lots of ways you can save money - you just need to know how!


Learn more about the facilities and services available to you across all of the Deakin University campuses.

Health & safety

Staying safe and well on campus is important. Read the tips on this page to stay protected from unsafe situations.

Helpful info

On this page, you’ll find information and handy mobile apps you’ll find useful once you land in Australia.


Orientation is your first taste of life as a Deakin College student. It starts the week before your classes begin.

What to pack

From financials to important documents to luggage - here's what you should pack and prepare ahead of your arrival.

Study in Melbourne

Multicultural Melbourne offers world-class education, arts, cuisine, sports and attractions in a safe environment.

Study in Geelong

It's hard not to fall in love with beautiful Geelong. But first, you’ll need to decide between our two exceptional campuses.

Succeeding at University

University life in Australia may be different to what you’re used to at home. Use these tips to thrive in your studies.


Here you’ll find directions to find us and transport tips on getting here via the most convenient route.

Visa info

You'll need a valid student visa to study in Australia. Processing times can vary, so apply as soon as you can.

Student Visa Work Rights

As an international student, you can work a limited amount of hours while you study, according to your student visa.

Soudalath Lengsavath

"Deakin College is a good start for international students to start their journey as a pathway to Deakin University. Deakin College provides students with Palm Mentors who offer help and support. This provides students with more time to prepare and adapt to the larger environment and society such as Deakin University."


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