Fees and payment


Pre-university Level

Course 2022 Tuition Fees
Foundation Program A$26,750 (Standard)
A$30,960 (Extended)

Diploma Level

Course 2022 Tuition Fees
Diploma of Business A$31,100
(A$3,887.50 per unit)
Diploma of Commerce A$31,100
(A$3,887.50 per unit)
Diploma of Communication A$29,200
(A$3,650 per unit)
Diploma of Construction Management A$31,160
(A$3,895 per unit)
Diploma of Design A$30,300
(A$3,787.50 per unit)
Diploma of Engineering A$33,660
(A$4,207.50 per unit)
Diploma of Film, Television and Animation A$31,400
(A$3,925 per unit)
Diploma of Health Sciences A$32,500
(A$4,062.50 per unit)
Diploma of Information Technology A$30,700
(A$3,837.50 per unit)
Diploma of Science A$34,100
(A$4,262.50 per unit)

Pre-Masters Level

Course 2022 Tuition Fees
Masters Qualifying Program (Business and Law) A$14,100

Payment Options

In order to accept the offer of place it is necessary to pay the fees and charges due as indicated in the Letter of Offer.

Payment of the amount due should be made in Australian dollars. When making payment students need to include their Deakin College Student ID, as listed in the Letter of Offer.

Payment can be made by:

Western Union GlobalPay for students

At Deakin College we use Western Union GlobalPay for Students to make it easier for you to pay your international tuition fee payment. You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic transfer or use a credit card.

Benefits of Western Union GlobalPay for Students:

  • It’s easy, fast and affordable to pay tuition and other expenses.
  • Make payments online, in-person or bank transfer.
  • Pay student fees and expenses in your home currency.
  • Avoid foreign exchange conversion charges.
  • Get peace of mind you are getting a great deal. If you find a lower price from your bank, we will match it. Learn more here.
  • Track payment status updates via text and email.
  • Your payments are generally processed in just 2 to 5 business days.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of payment methods that are popular in your home country.*

Watch our helpful Video about how to pay your fees

To pay by telegraphic transfer or credit card log onto Western Union GlobalPay for Students as outlined in your acceptance of offer. When you accept your offer, please ensure you attach a copy of your telegraphic transfer receipt.

See a step-by-step guide to assist you with how to make your payment on WU® GlobalPay for Students.

Need Help?

Visit our FAQ page for guidance on frequently asked questions, alternatively please email GPStudents@westernunion.com Or call +61 2 8585 7221 Monday–Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm AEST

BPAY (via phone or internet banking)

BPAY is the online payment system in Australia which enables you to pay a bill using your Australian bank account.

DEAKIN COLLEGE BPAY Biller Code is: 878843

BPAY reference number: check your offer letter or Provisional Invoice

Payments for returning students

Payments can be made via our Student Portal