Current student FAQs

General FAQs

Deakin College is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and our primary focus is the health and well-being of our students and staff. Our courses are currently being taught both online and on campus, however in 2023, we will be transitioning away from online classes and expect more students to be studying with us on campus. We will offer a limited number of online courses to domestic students only.

Learn more about our COVID Safe Plan

You can attend a face-to-face or online session or appointment. Visit the Student Portal to find out more.

You can attend a face-to-face or online session or appointment. Visit the Student Portal to find out more.

Speak with your Academic Coordinator (for contact details, see our staff contact page) before making your decision and consider a transition to on-campus study if you are studying online.

You can also discuss your plans with a Student Services staff member. They can help you to explore other options. Deakin College Student Services can be contacted via email: 

If you fail a unit, you will need to repeat it in an upcoming trimester.

Deakin College students are welcome to access Deakin University's libraries. Find out more.

The Deakin College Learning Advisors are available on Zoom for drop-in sessions or one-to-one consults. Details can be found on the Student Hub.

  • Trimester 3 2022 fees are due by 4pm on Wednesday 12 October 2022
  • Online re-enrolment for Trimester 3 2022 will start on Wednesday 14 October 2022. Students are encouraged to enrol early as classes fill up quickly.
  • Classes start on Monday 24 October 2022
  • The last day to change units enrolled for Trimester 3 is 3 pm on 4 November 2022 (if available)
  • Census date for Trimester 3 2022 is 18 November 2022.

We have a wide range of fun, informal, social activities run by various staff and students planned this trimester, both on campus and online. We will offer exercise and meditation options, chat groups, mentor study sessions, food and drink get-togethers, film and game events, and yoga! Visit the Student Portal for more information.

You may be eligible for special consideration if circumstances beyond your control prevent you from undertaking or completing an assessment task at the scheduled time. Please read our Special Consideration Procedure (PDF) and contact the Academic Services team via email: with your full name and student ID if you have significant concerns.

Enrolment and fees FAQs

The Student Portal will open for re-enrolment on Friday 14 October 2022. The re-enrolment start time for your course will be sent to you in an email on 11 October 2022. Please look out for this email in your inbox.

For enrolment instructions, please see the Student Re-Registration Guide on the Student Hub.

  • If you are a domestic student, you can enrol in 1 to 4 units (25%-100% study load) each trimester. If you are seeking Centrelink assistance, you must enrol in 3 or 4 units.
  • If you are an international student, we recommend you enrol in 3 or 4 units (75%-100% study load) per trimester in order to meet progression requirements to Deakin University, as outlined in your offer letter. If you cannot undertake a full-time study load, you must contact your Academic Coordinator before your scheduled enrolment date for a discussion. You will not be able to enrol through the Student Portal if you try to enrol in 1 or 2 units and will need to seek assistance from your Academic Coordinator.
  • If you are a Foundation student, you must enrol in 4 units each trimester.

View your Course Outline and look for your intended Bachelor course.

Based on the Bachelor course, follow the recommendation that is shown. If you would like course advice and help to choose your units, contact your Academic Coordinator (for contact details, see our staff contact page).

Choose another class that does not have any clashes. If the class that you have chosen is full, you must choose another class/timeslot.

  • I haven’t received my eCAF invitation email
    Email and request an eCAF invitation email
  • I want to apply for FEE-HELP
    Email and request a FEE-HELP application
  • When do I need to pay my FEE-HELP debt?
    You do not have to pay upfront now. You will be required to pay when you earn above the minimum income threshold (refer to the StudyAssist website for rates). The compulsory repayments are calculated in your tax return and are to be paid to the Australian Taxation Office.
  • How can I reduce my FEE-HELP debt?
    You can make an upfront payment to Deakin College by Census Date (see Important Dates) to reduce the FEE-HELP debt for the trimester. Any payments received after Census Date will be credited to the next enrolled trimester.
  • When will I receive my Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)?
    The CAN will be emailed to you by Week 8 of the trimester.

For further queries, please email Deakin College Finance:

You can view a copy of your student account, including Balance Details, Payment Terms, Payment Schedules and Payment Options on the Student Portal -> Services & Support -> Fees tile. You can print a copy of your financial history as displayed on the computer screen.

Trimester 3 fees are due prior to 4pm Wednesday 12 October 2022 and are outlined on your Letter of Offer or Provisional Invoice.  Further communications will go out from the Deakin College Team through the below channels when fees are due:

  1. Student Hub – What’s On (from Week 12),
  2. Student Communications (weekly from Week 12) and
  3. Re-enrolment SMS and email notifications (Week 15).

Payment for current students can be done via the  Student Portal

Yes, you will need to repeat and pay for the failed unit(s).

Depending on the payment method, funds could take up to a week to reach us.

Please contact if it has been over one week since your payment was made.

It takes one full business day for a transfer from an Australian bank for the money to be credited into our account. For an international bank transfer, it may take up to one week.

These charges may be applicable when you don’t pay your fees on time. This is also outlined in your Acceptance of Offer and Agreement.

Your enrolment may be blocked for a number of reasons:

  • You may not have paid your fees
  • You may have a condition to see your Academic Coordinator before you enrol (for contact details, see our staff contact page)
  • If you are a sponsored student, you may not have renewed your financial guarantee. Contact your embassy with the new letter of offer and request for a new FG.

If you have issues enrolling, you can ask for help through the online Help Chat on the Student Portal during the enrolment period.

For Student Portal or Moodle login problems, please complete this form to request a reset of your Student Portal password. For any other IT issues, please email

All Deakin College staff are still available online (see our Staff Contacts page) to help you with any questions you might have, including Reception, your teachers, counsellors, and others. Current students can also check the Student Hub for live online support session times.

Once you have submitted your refund form, our Finance team will review and process your refund in line with our Refund Policy

Yes, you will be able to complete your studies online if you started your course online.

As much as we would like you to commence studying on campus, you will have the option to continue studying online as long as you are committed to attending online classes and you have a stable internet connection and access to your Deakin College email account and study materials.

International student FAQs

Yes, as long as you complete your course online.

Online classes will continue to be available to international students in 2022.

In 2023, we will be transitioning back to face-to-face-only classes on campus.

If you do not have a visa, you will not be able to enter Australia, so you will need to continue studying online. In 2023, we will require all international students to hold a valid visa and return to on-campus classes.

All Bupa Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) customers will be covered for COVID-19 related claims, irrespective of the terms of your policy. If you have Overseas Student Health Cover with a provider other than BUPA, please check with your provider.

If you purchased OSHC through Deakin College, you can change your OSHC start date to the date you arrive in Australia. This can happen before or after you arrive. The refund will be provided at the completion of your policy. The refund will be the amount calculated from the original policy start date to the date you entered the country (the new policy start date).

The change of start date can be done yourself directly by contacting Bupa, or you can request that Deakin College does this for you. You will need to provide supporting evidence such as a new visa grant notice or a record of movement from the Department of Home Affairs to show you have not entered Australia.

The best place to go for the last information on COVID-19 and OSHC is here:

If you applied for your own OSHC with another provider, you will need to contact them directly to find out how to apply for a refund.

If you are currently in Australia on a student visa, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid student visa at all times.

Breaking visa conditions may lead to the cancellation of your visa. Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.

If you have any questions about your visa situation and your obligations as a student visa holder, please also visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you still have questions, contact our Compliance team via email

Online learning FAQs

When you re-enrol, while choosing your classes you may see:

  • classes labelled as “ONLINE”: this is an online-only class
  • classes labelled with a classroom number (example: LA3.101 or KA5.112): this is an “ON-CAMPUS” only class. Students who chose these classes have to attend on campus.
  • classes labelled as “DUAL”: this is a class with both online and on-campus modes of study. Students who chose these classes have the option to attend either online or on campus.

Online classes run for 2 hours. You will have 2 x 2-hour classes per week, per subject. Online classes have a maximum of 25 students for Foundation and 30 students for Diploma. All of our academic and social support services are now available online too.

Please contact our IT staff: with your full name, student ID and the issue you are facing.

Exams are scheduled to take place at the end of the trimester. If you are studying online, your exams will also take place online.

In Trimester 3, 2022, we will be offering both online and face-to-face classes. If you are an international student who is in Australia, you must study on campus.

In 2023, we will be transitioning away from online classes and expect more students to be studying with us on campus. We will offer a limited number of online courses to domestic students only.

In Trimester 3, 2022, you will still be able to choose between online-only classes, on-campus-only classes or dual classes, which are taught online and on-campus simultaneously. If you enrol in a dual class, you can choose each week whether you study online or on campus.

Yes, our Student Learning Advisors are now taking sessions and appointments online. Visit the Student Portal to find out more.

Yes, our Learning Mentor can conduct Zoom group study sessions and appointments online. Visit the Student Portal to find out more.

If you are an international student, you are now able to return to Australia to complete your course on campus. 

If you are a domestic student, speak with your Academic Coordinator (for contact details, see our staff contact page) before making your decision and consider a transition to on-campus study.