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Academic Skills Assessment

To personalise study support services at Deakin College, we use an Academic Skills Assessment. It is not a test. It is an activity to help you see what you might find difficult in your studies at the College and how we can help you be successful.

This exercise is required and all new students must attempt it.

What is it?

  • The Academic Skills Assessment is an online exercise to show you (and us) what you might need help with
  • It will take no more than 30 minutes to complete and you get your result straight away
  • The activity does not assess your English language ability. It is an exercise using various academic skills designed for both native English speakers and English as an alternate language (EAL) speakers
  • There are 39 required questions, which are mostly multiple choice.


  1. Watch the video instructions
  2. Open and complete the Academic Skills Assessment (Chrome works best)
  3. Have a look at your results and feedback (bookmark the results page to access info later)
  4. Contact a Student Learning Advisor if you need help.

Why is it important?

Throughout your time at Deakin College, you will be expected to participate in class discussions and presentations, listen and take notes in lectures and research and write assignments and exams. These are all study habits that require a good understanding of academic skills.

Improving these skills will help you to get better grades in your units.

The results

The results will not affect your grades at Deakin College and do not appear on your academic transcript. They are used to identify areas for help and improvement.

You will get emails throughout the trimester with suggestions of ways to improve your academic English.

What academic support does Deakin College offer?

  • One-on-one appointments with the Student Learning Advisors: Book an appointment
  • Study Skills workshops
  • Moodle Online Study Skills page
  • One-on-one appointments with Learning Mentors: Book an appointment
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