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Welcome to Deakin

Message from the College Director and Principal of Deakin College

Hamid Khattak

College Director and Principal, Deakin College

We appreciate that the decision to continue studying is a serious commitment made by you. At Deakin College you will join almost 3000 Australian and international students enrolled in our courses.

As a commencing student of Deakin College, you will benefit from a number of advantages in your studies at our College involving new approaches to teaching and learning, student support, digital technologies and a wider suite of course offerings at Deakin University.

The College will also provide an improved student experience and superior student outcomes as well as reflecting the continuously growing reputation of Deakin University. We are committed to giving you every opportunity to succeed in your studies, and I invite you to take the first step towards achieving your educational goals with Deakin College.

Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University

Professor Iain Martin

President and Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University

Congratulations on your decision to study at Deakin College.

Deakin College graduates receive the very best preparation for a successful university career. You’ll find your Deakin College experience encourages the collaborative and independent learning that will prepare you for lives and careers in our rapidly changing world. Deakin College provides a technology-rich and inclusive learning environment focussed on helping all its students to succeed.

Since 1996, Deakin College has given over 22,000 students the opportunity to progress into a degree program at Deakin. We look forward to welcoming you when you successfully complete your studies at Deakin College.

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