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How to enrol

Congratulations on your acceptance to Deakin College!


New student enrolment for Trimester 2, 2024 is open

Please see below the step-by-step guide to enrol online as a new student.

Step 1

View your course video

Find out more about your course and pathway options.

Step 2

Download your Course Outline

Your Course Outline details the units/modules you will need to take in order to progress to your bachelor degree of choice.

Step 3

Read the Enrolment Guide or watch the Enrolment Guide Video

The Enrolment Guide and video include detailed, step-by-step instructions on choosing your units/modules using your Course Outline, and enrolling in your course.

Read the Enrolment Guide

Watch the Online Enrolment Video

Step 4

Join your on-campus enrolment session or login and enrol in your units

If you are a new international student, please do not enrol until you are in Australia.

As a new student, we highly recommend you join us for your on-campus enrolment session. If you can’t make it to your session and want to enrol yourself, use Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop computer, not your mobile.

If you are a new domestic student who plans to study online, please only complete the New Domestic Student Online Study Request Form.

Step 5

Complete the Academic Language Skills Assessment

The Academic Language Skills Assessment, as part of the Academic Language Support Program, assesses your academic language skills and helps us provide you with tailored academic English support throughout your studies.

Step 6

Join Orientation

Orientation is the beginning of your journey at Deakin. It introduces you to your new life as a Deakin College student. It all starts the week before your classes begin and is packed full of useful online information sessions and activities.

Step 7

Set up your Deakin University username and password

You can set up your username and password after 24 June 2024.

You will need to obtain a Deakin University password to use the computers on campus, in the computer labs and to access Deakin University’s online services.

Step 8

Set up your Deakin College email and IT software

Watch how to access your Deakin College email account then access it using the ‘Email’ tile on the Student Portal.  Your email address will be

To download your free IT software, such as Microsoft 365, visit the Deakin University Software Library. You will need your Deakin University username and password (see Step 7 above).

For all other IT setup steps, such as setting up Wi-Fi and printing, visit Getting Started with Your Digital Essentials – Deakin College Student Guide.

Step 9

Get your student ID card

Once you have set up your Deakin Username and Password you can apply for a student ID card. You will need a student ID card as proof for on campus security that you are a student and also for ID at exams.

Step 10

Start classes

Classes commence on Monday 24 June 2024. If you’re having trouble viewing your timetable, setting up your email or contacting your teachers, watch our ‘How To’ videos.

All your class information and booklist can be found on Moodle.

Enrolment help

To discuss part-time study, unit/module selection or pathway options, contact your Academic Coordinator.

Join Deakin College staff for help with your enrolment in your course. On-campus enrolment sessions will be held during Orientation. Late enrolment sessions will take place at the start of the trimester.

Check your emails for event details.

If you cannot login to the Deakin College Student Portal or Moodle, try these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct website to access the Student Portal.
  2. Check the type of device and web browser you are using:
    • The Portal works best on a laptop or desktop, not a mobile
    • Try using a different web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Safari.
    • After you have installed a new web browser, clear the cache. The cache is information that your device stores to load websites faster. Clearing the cache means deleting this information. To clear cache, follow these instructions.
  3. Connect to the University VPN:

If you still require assistance with Student Portal or Moodle login, please complete this form to request a reset of your Student Portal password. For any other IT issues, please email

You can also find your way around the Student Portal by watching the ‘Student Portal Introduction’ video.

Our new students usually have lots of questions. We have collected a list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers.

See our FAQs page

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