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Transferring to Deakin University - International students

Foundation Program to Bachelor

Deakin College’s Foundation Program is a pathway into the first year of a selection of Deakin University bachelor degrees.

To transfer into the first year of a bachelor degree at Deakin University, you must meet the requirements set out in the Foundation Pathways Guidelines.

Foundation Program to Diploma

After passing all required Foundation units and successfully completing the Foundation Program, you will be eligible to enter the relevant Deakin College diploma.

Find out more about our diploma programs

Diploma to Bachelor

Upon successful completion of a diploma, you will be eligible for entry into the second year of a relevant Deakin University bachelor degree, provided you have met the academic progression criteria below:

  • completed and passed eight Deakin College Diploma units;
  • achieved a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 50*, taking into account all units attempted in the most recent diploma at Deakin College.

* Does not apply for entry into Bachelor of Laws which requires a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 70.

Be aware of the intakes available for your desired destination course. View your diploma course page for more detailed information.

Also be aware that your undergraduate course at Deakin University may require you to enrol into specific units and/or unit sets in order to meet the course, and/or major/minor sequence requirements.

We highly recommend you carefully plan your unit selection at the time you commence your Diploma course at Deakin College, making sure you enrol in the correct set of units that align with your goals and the requirements of the undergraduate course. Otherwise, you may be required to rescind credit points granted in recognition of prior learning for units you have completed during your Diploma, that do not contribute towards the completion of your undergraduate course at Deakin University.

This could result in you needing to extend your student visa and overseas student health cover in the future, which will be at your own expense.

Information sessions and more information

How to transfer to Deakin University

Deakin College also holds ‘Transferring to Deakin University’ information sessions towards the end of each trimester. Students must attend these sessions to obtain the transfer procedures. You will be invited to the sessions by email.

You can also find out more about transferring to Deakin University on the Deakin University website.

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