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Accept your offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at Deakin College! Now, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1

Understand your Letter of Offer

Your Letter of Offer will outline the following:

  • Deakin College course(s) and Deakin University course that has been offered
  • Duration of the courses
  • Commencement dates
  • Tuition fees
  • Conditions on your offer
    Examples of conditions may include; providing official or certified copies of academic transcripts, evidence or English proficiency eg IELTS. Prior to or at the time of accepting your offer, you must provide evidence that you have met all conditions. If you do not provide this evidence, you may not be eligible to proceed with your enrolment or student visa application.

Step 2

Acceptance and payment of fees

  • In order to accept the offer of place it is necessary to pay the fees and charges due as indicated in the Letter of Offer. This will include partial course fees plus the Overseas Student Health Cover charge (if applicable).
  • Payment of the amount due should be made in Australian dollars. When making payment students need to include their Deakin College Student ID, as listed in the Letter of Offer.
  • For payment options, visit our Fees & Payment page.
  • Complete the Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement and return it together with your payment.

Get assistance

Remember to contact your agent

If you have applied through an agent it is best to make contact with them to seek assistance. Your agent will assist you with advice, liaise with the College on your behalf and help you through the entire acceptance and visa application process.

Step 3

Receive confirmation from Deakin College

Once Deakin College receives your payment and Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement, you will be issued with a receipt and provided with a confirmation about your enrolment at Deakin College. This will include information about the compulsory Orientation and Enrolment program.

Learn more about Orientation and Enrolment.

International Students will also receive the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for the student visa application.

Note: Under 18 students must have a Caregiver/Guardian in place before the Confirmation of Enrolment can be issued for visa purposes. Australian law regards students under the age of 18 as minors and there is a special visa requirement regarding their welfare. Students under the age of 18 must be placed in the care of a guardian while studying in Australia. Parents can nominate a guardian or arrangements can be made with Guardianship Services recommended by Deakin College. Find out more about Under 18s.

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Zuyu Zhang

“At Deakin College, we are learning the same fundamental knowledge as students at the university, however the College is more suitable to new students coming from overseas who want to get in touch with uni life. In the College, there’s more support.”

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