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Academic Language Support Program

To personalise your study support at Deakin College, we use an Academic Language Skills Assessment to assess your academic language ability.

About the Program

Welcome to the Academic Language Support Program

The Academic Language Support Program uses a skills assessment to evaluate your academic language skills and help you discover what you might find challenging in your studies at the College. All new students will be required to complete the Academic Language Skills Assessment within the program.

What is the Academic Language Skills Assessment?

  • An online exercise to show you (and us) what support you might need to help you with your study journey.
  • This guided assessment is completed as part of your enrolment process and you’ll get your result straight away.
  • The activity assesses your English language ability and uses various academic skills designed for both native English speakers and English as an alternate language (EAL) speakers.
  • You must complete the assessment which involves a series of questions to answer, most of which are multiple-choice.

Follow the steps

  1. Watch the video instructions here.
  2. Open and complete the Academic Language Skills Assessment
  3. Take a look at your results and feedback. You can bookmark the results page to access this information later.
  4. Contact a Student Learning Advisor if you need any help.

Why is it important?

Throughout your time at Deakin College, you’ll be expected to participate in class discussions and presentations, listen and take notes in lectures, and be able to research and write assignments and exams.

These are all academic skills that are crucial to boosting your performance and getting good grades in your units. Understanding your academic strengths and weaknesses will allow you to focus on improving the areas where you need the most improvement.

The results

The results will not affect your grades at Deakin College and they do not appear on your academic transcript. They are used only to identify areas for help and improvement.

If relevant, you will get emails throughout the trimester with suggestions for ways to improve your academic English.

Study and academic support

We pride ourselves on the individual support and attention we can offer every single student. Get the support you need:

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