Deakin University username and password

Username and password

To set up your Deakin University username and password, you will need your:

  • Student ID (see Step 2 below)
  • Course code (see Step 2 below)

You can only set up your username and password after 23 June 2022.

You will need to obtain a Deakin University password to use the computers on-campus, in the computer labs, and to access some of Deakin University’s online services.

As a Deakin College student, you do not have access to Deakin University’s DeakinSync. During your time at Deakin College, the Student Portal and Student Hub will be your main sources of online information.

Follow these instructions

Step 1: Open the account activation page

Step 2: Enter your details in the fields

Your Student ID number is your Deakin College ID, which can be found in your Letter of Offer in the top right-hand corner. It will be either 7 numbers starting with a 5 (eg. 500—-) or an alphabetical and numerical combination (eg. TOBRET1201).

The course codes are as follows:

X088     Foundation Program 
X089     Diploma of Business 
X081     Diploma of Commerce 
X084     Diploma of Health Sciences 
X090     Diploma of Communication 
X097     Diploma of Design 
X098     Diploma of Film, Television and Animation 
X099     Diploma of Information Technology 
X087     Diploma of Science 
X085     Diploma of Engineering 
X096     Diploma of Construction Management 
M068    Masters Qualifying Program  

Step 3: Click 'CONTINUE'

If successful, you’ll be presented with your Deakin University username and Deakin University email. These are different from your Deakin College accounts.

If unsuccessful, please check the details you have entered. There should be a message that the course code or birthdate do not match and that you must re-enter the details. If you receive a message that the student ID could not be found, firstly please check there are no spaces before or after the student ID. If the student ID still cannot be found please email for assistance.