Australian Campuses

On-Campus Accommodation

On-Campus Accommodation is only available at the following campuses:

  • Melbourne Burwood Campus
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus

Accommodation varies at each campus but all are within walking distance of campus facilities.

How to apply:

Demand for on-campus accommodation is high and application dates apply. For more information and how to apply go to:

International House

Melbourne Burwood Campus only

Located only a short 5 minute walk from Deakin College Melbourne Burwood Campus is International House. International House provides Deakin College students with a safe, secure townhouse and apartment style living.

How to apply:

Demand for this accommodation is high. For more information and how to apply go to: International House


Homestay provides you with the opportunity to live with an Australian family. This accommodation option is very popular with students arriving in Melbourne for the first time. Homestay is a good choice if you want to improve your English and want to experience Australian life and culture. Homestay may be families, couples or single people. All are selected to provide good quality facilities and meals if required.

How to apply:

Deakin College has appointed Student Accommodation Services (SAS) as the preferred Homestay provider. Please visit their website below for more information and to apply:


Students may choose to rent an apartment or a house - either on their own or with friends. The majority of rental properties are not furnished. Rental costs usually do not include the payment of expenses (bills) such as gas and electricity.

If you rent a property you will be required to sign a contract (lease) which will make you responsible for that property and any damages that may occur. If you are sharing with friends then each of you should sign the contract and share equally in all expenses. Prior to moving into a rental property you will be asked to pay a bond, plus one months rent in advance. The bond is usually equivalent to one month of rent payment. When you leave the rental property the bond will be returned to you provided the property is in the same condition as it was when you moved in and there aren't any outstanding bills (eg. telephone, electricity, etc.).

Before agreeing to rent, it is important that you fully understand what is expected of you as a tenant. You also need to be aware of the rights and responsibilities you have, as well as those of your landlord. The Rights and Responsibilities booklet at your real estate agent office will tell you what you need to know. Ensure that you read it carefully.

For more information visit the following websites:

How to find rental or share properties

You can access the following websites to find vacant rental properties:

Deakin University Student Life House Service

As a Deakin College student, you can access the Deakin University Student Life Housing Service. This service provides a number of accommodation options for students, including full board, share housing and vacant properties for private rental. You can have access to their service housing database of local properties. The database provides information regarding available properties and current prices. For more information visit:

Hostel/Apartment Style

A range of hostels and apartment style accommodation are available for students to choose from. Most hostels/apartments offer single or shared fully furnished rooms.

Short Term Accommodation

Short Term accommodation is an option for students who are not sure what type of accommodation they require, or if their long term accommodation is not ready in time. This type of accommodation is generally a budget hotel or hostel close to Deakin College.

Accommodation for International Students Under 18 Years of Age

An international student who is under 18 years of age is a "minor". Minors must meet immigration requirements for accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements before a student visa will be granted.

International students under 18 years of age must either:

  • reside in Australia with a parent, or a person who has custody of them, or a relative aged at least 21 nominated by either the parent or the person having custody of them, or;
  • provide evidence that they will be going into care arrangements - for their accommodation, support and general welfare - i.e. homestay approved by Deakin College, or;
  • reside in the Deakin on-campus accommodation at Burwood.

Only a student's parent or a person who has custody of the student is allowed to nominate a carer for them.

Detailed information is available on the Deakin College Under 18s webpage or from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website

Under 18s students who choose homestay as an option must use one of the following External Guardianship Services recommended by Deakin College:


Jakarta Campus

The most common accommodation type in Indonesia is where you rent a room in a house.

We call it a 'kost'. A kost house is usually full equipped with a communal kitchen and living room. Most of the kost rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning, bathroom, bed, desk and cupboard. Some also offer free laundry. Available facilities will vary from place to place. 

De'Lima Executive Room Residence (Male)

Jl. Anggrek Garuda blok D II No.5
Slipi - Jakarta Barat

021 - 5359137

Kost Wahyu (Female)

Jl. Anggrek Garuda Blok D II No.50
Slipi - Jakarta Barat

021 - 5482721

Kaisar Residence (Male and Female)

Jl. Anggrek Garuda Blok G-44/6

021 - 5365 5168

Cendrawasih House

Jl. Anggrek Cendrawasih I Blok J/16-A

(021) 548 3927

Apartments are also available upon request.

For accommodation availability and rental information, please contact Deakin College Indonesia one month in advance.