Student Services

Deakin College students have access to a range of support services and campus facilities to ensure a smooth academic and emotional transition to university level study.

Students are encouraged to use the support services and facilities provided. Students should contact Deakin College Student Services and Academic support staff for advice and assistance. Please do not hesitate to do this as soon as the need arises. Staff members are available for individual appointments, if requested.

Meet your Student Services and Academic Support Staff

Burwood Campus

Tel: +(613) 9244 5197

Prabha Shankar
Acting Student & Academic Services Manager

Erica Paine
Student Counsellor

Nicolle Walker
Student Counsellor

Annella Chambers
Student Learning Advisor (Burwood)

Ioannis (Yianni) Vassiliou
Student Learning Advisor (Burwood)

Rachel Maissan
Student Learning Advisor (Burwood)

Shupu Wang
Student Counsellor

Winnie Zou
Student Counsellor 

Geelong Campuses

Tel: +(613) 522 72252

Liz Hewitt
Campus Manager

Dianne Backwell
Student Learning Advisor (Geelong)

Jakarta Campus

Tel: +62 21 290 22285

Sindy Amanda Wardaya
Student Administration Manager

Student Learning Advisors

Student Learning Advisors are professional staff who provide learning support to Deakin College students at all campuses.  Students can book half-hour individual or group appointments with a Student Learning Advisor on campus or online for help with improving their study skills and academic writing skills.  Key areas of support include:

  • Time management and organisation

  • Understanding assignments

  • Paraphrasing and summarising

  • Referencing

  • Research skills

  • Exam preparation

For more details or to book an appointment visit with a  Student Learning Advisor.

Student Counsellors

Student Counsellors are committed to providing support and advice to help you reach your full potential while studying at Deakin College. Appointments can be made to discuss study or personal issues, academic assistance, accommodation difficulties, family matters, attendance issues and home-sickness. Students are encouraged to make an appointment at Deakin College Reception.

Disability Support

Deakin College is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities and promotes strategies to develop a flexible teaching and learning environment which is able to meet the needs of a diverse range of students.

Deakin College encourages students to provide information (including medical or other professional advice) regarding the nature of their disability and special needs during the application and enrolment process. It is important that students provide Deakin College with these details as early as possible so that we can assess students' support needs and ensure that they are able to succeed in their chosen program of study.

Deakin College is committed to providing a teaching and learning environment which promotes dignity, acknowledges students' rights to privacy and confidentiality, and promotes an awareness of students' needs and rights. Therefore, Deakin College is able to make reasonable accommodations to support students with disabilities throughout their studies, ensuring that they have equal access to the teaching and learning environment.

Graduation (Celebration of Completion)

Deakin College holds a Celebration of Completion event once a year. This is generally held in August in Australia. All eligible students are sent an invitation.

Orientation Mentors

During the Orientation and Enrolment program, students will be placed with an enthusiastic, friendly and approachable Student Mentor. Student Mentors will assist new students throughout the week. They are able to provide vital information about studying at Deakin College and assist with general queries.

Deakin College Learning Mentor Program

Deakin College Learning Mentors are high-achieving students with excellent communication skills trained to support Deakin College students (at all campuses) to progress successfully in their studies. Learning Mentors help students develop study skills and effective study practices.  They assist students with unit-related queries in face-to-face meetings or online via Zoom.  Students have the option of choosing an individual Learning Mentor based on the unit they require mentoring assistance with. For more information or to book an appointment, please visit the Deakin College Learning Mentor webpage.

Student Representation (Student Committee)

The Student Committee (SC) seeks to provide students with a voice. Opening a conduit for communication between staff and the student body provides an avenue where current student issues can be discussed, with valid feedback offered, in order to improve the quality of student life at Deakin College.

The SC also aims to foster a sense of community at Deakin College. The SC is made up of a group of committed students and staff who represent the Deakin College student body. The student members of the SC are appointed to represent the interests and needs of all Deakin College students. Student SC members are appointed for a period of one trimester.

Under 18 Students

Deakin College must follow specific policies and procedures for accommodating, supporting and monitoring international students who are under 18 years of age whilst they are studying in Australia*. These policies and procedures are designed to guarantee that Deakin College complies with the National Code and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requirements for ensuring that international students are adequately cared for during their studies. Students who are considering changing their accommodation and welfare arrangements must discuss the proposed change with Deakin College Student Services. Find out more about our Under 18 management and guardianship services.

*These policies and procedures do not apply to students studying at the Jakarta campus in Indonesia.

Deakin University Student Life Services

Deakin College students studying on a Deakin University Campus may access Deakin University Student Life services. Applicable Student Life services are listed below and may be accessed along with Deakin College services:

Language and Learning Advisors

You can get help with your study issues and assignments. Academic Skills Advisors can help you plan your assignment, or check that your draft is on track. They also offer a comprehensive range of academic skills classes and workshops during the trimester.


Deakin Chaplaincy provide spiritual and pastoral care for the campus community. They can be available to preside at funerals, weddings and other events. They can also assist in relation to issues of justice and peace.

Counselling and Personal Development

A confidential counselling services is available for you to discuss any personal or welfare matters. For many students, being positive, and managing their emotions increases academic success. You do not need to be in a crisis, or dealing with a serious problem to seek counselling. Addressing your concerns before they become overwhelming often allows for better outcomes.

Health Services

The Health Service provides students and staff of Deakin University access to general practitioners and division one registered nurses. These health professionals provide a confidential, and cost effective range of medical and nursing services.

More information about Deakin University student services can be found on the Support Services website.