Foundation Year - Jakarta

The Deakin College Foundation Year is equivalent to upper secondary school (Year 12) and university foundation programs. It aims to prepare you for further study in a Deakin College diploma or into first year of selected Deakin University bachelor’s degrees.

The course comprises of a standard or extended track program. The standard track program consists of eight academic units: four core units and four elective units. The Extended track program has an additional four core units, one of which is chosen from two alternative core units.

It follows the syllabus and curriculum as the Deakin College Foundation Year, with minor differences in the sequencing of units each trimester.

Various support services focusing on language, literary and numeracy assistance are also available to help you in your studies. Each unit includes four hours of class contact per week. Assessment for all units is continuous, and includes tests, assignments and case study analysis. Most units have a final three hour examination.

To graduate from the Deakin College Jakarta Foundation Year, you must complete and pass all eight/twelve units.

Your pathway to Deakin University

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  • Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Eight to twelve months


  • March, July and October
Course structure – Standard Program

Complete and pass eight units
  • FNDS013 Advanced Academic Communication Skills (Core)
  • FNDS014 Intercultural Studies (Core)
  • FNDS015 Information Technology (Core)
  • FNDS016 Advanced Academic Writing and Research (Core)
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective


Course structure – Extended Program

For students who do not meet the entry requirements of the standard track program, an extended track program is also available with an additional four units that need to be completed before continuing with the standard track program.

Complete and pass four units
  • FNDS010 Introduction to Academic Communication (Core)
  • FNDS011 Introduction to Academic Writing (Core))
  • FNDS012 Computer Skills (Core)
  • Elective


  • FNDH023 Essential Mathematics (Alternative core)*


  • FNDA023 Mass Communication (Alternative core)

*If students are undertaking the Business or IT stream, it is suggested they undertake Essential Mathematics.

Students then progress to the standard track upon successful completion.

Elective units

  • FNDB022 Management
  • FNDB023 Marketing
  • FNDB021 Economics
  • FNDH023 Essential Mathematics
  • FNDE021 Mathematics I
  • FNDB020 Accounting
  • FNDA021 Law
  • FNDA022 Media
  • FNDA023 Mass Communication

Foundation to Deakin College Diploma entry

After successfully completing the Foundation Year, you will be eligible to enter a Deakin College Diploma course which leads into the second year of the relevant bachelor's degree course at Deakin University.

Foundation to Deakin University first year entry


After successfully completing the Foundation Year and meeting specified entry requirements, you may be eligible to apply for entry into the first year of selected Deakin University bachelor’s degrees that do not follow directly from Deakin College’s diploma courses*. Eligible Deakin University bachelor degrees and the entry criteria are listed below:

*Some Foundation to degree pathways are only available to international students. Please contact Deakin College for more information.

Single degrees

  • A300 Bachelor of Arts B WP WB T1 T2Pathway excludes major sequences in Design, Journalism, Media Studies, Photography and Public Relations.
  • A301 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) B WP WB T1 T2
  • A316 Bachelor of Creative Writing B T1 T2 T3 WP T1 T2
  • A329 Bachelor of Criminology B WP T1 T2
  • S346 Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)(quota applies) WF T1 T2
  • A329 Bachelor of Criminology B WP T1 T2
  • S342 Bachelor of Design (Architecture) (quota applies) WF T1 T2
  • E330 Bachelor of Education (Early Years)** B T1
  • E359 Bachelor of Education (Primary)** B WP WB T1
  • A351 Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation 
    B T1 T2 T3
  • E377 Bachelor of Health and Physical Education** B WP T1
  • A326 Bachelor of International Studies B WP T1 T2
  • M312 Bachelor of Laws B T1 T2 WF T1
  • H326 Bachelor of Nursing (quota applies) B WF WB T1
  • H355 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy WF T1
  • H330 Bachelor of Social Work WF T1
  • S464 Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)B T1 T2

Double degrees

  • D313 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce B WP WF T1 T2
  • D311 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science B WP T1 T2
  • D380 Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security B WP T1 T2
  • D390 Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science B WP T1 T2
  • S342 Bachelor of Design (Architecture)/Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)(quota applies) WF T1 T2
  • D329 Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology WP T1 T2
  • D338 Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce B WP T1


      • B - Melbourne Burwood Campus
      • WP - Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
      • WF - Geelong Waterfront Campus
      • WB - Warrnambool Campus
      • T1 - Trimester 1 Entry
      • T2 - Trimester 2 Entry
      • T3 - Trimester 3 Entry
      • **The preferred pathway for the Engineering Stream is choosing 2 of the following: FNDH021 Chemistry, FNDE024 Biology or FNDH022 Human Biology and two of the mathematics units (FNDH023/FNDE021/FNDE023).

Transfer requirements

For more information on transfer requirements from the Foundation Year into Deakin College diplomas and Deakin University degrees, please refer to the Transferring to Deakin University page.

Foundation to Deakin University first year alternative pathway*

After successfully completing the Foundation program and meeting specified entry requirements, you may be eligible to enter into the first year of selected Deakin University bachelor’s degrees instead of taking the Deakin College diploma courses*. See the list of courses and requirements.

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