Diploma of Media and Communications

The Diploma of Media and Communications consists of Deakin University's first year degree units and provides you with a pathway to second year of the relevant Bachelor degrees at Deakin. Areas include animation, film studies, journalism, media and communication, photography and public relations.

Your pathway to Deakin University



  • Melbourne Burwood Campus
  • Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Eight to twelve months


  • March, June and October


  • 059997G

Course structure

Complete and pass eight units

    Two core units

    • ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life
    • ACC101 Creativity and Dangerous Ideas

    plus six additional units

    • ACF103 Writing with the Camera (available in T1, 2017)
    • ACF104 Moving Pictures: Screening Film History (available in T3, 2016)
    • ACG102 Design and Typography
    • ACG103 Design Skills
    • ACI102 Pixel to Print: Digital Imaging 1
    • ACI103 Thinking Photography: History, Theory and Cultural context
    • ALC104 Media Genres: Negotiating Textual Forms and Pleasures
    • ALC105 Media Culture and Technological Transformations: Living in the Digital Age
    • ALJ111 News Reporting 1
    • ALJ112 News Reporting 2
    • ALR103 Introduction to Public Relations
    • ALR104 Strategic Communication and Writing
    • AMC100 Animation Narratives
    • AMC104 Principles of Character Animation

Entry into second year of

  • Bachelor of Arts
    (CRICOS Code 012762C)
    • Animation
    • Journalism
    • Media Studies
    • Photography
    • Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)
    (CRICOS Code 083978K)
  • Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media)
    (CRICOS Code 089296K)
  • Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)
    (CRICOS Code 083990C)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture)
    (CRICOS Code 077372B)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television)
    (CRICOS Code 077370D)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)
    (CRICOS Code 077371C)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Communication Design)
    (CRICOS Code 075372G)