Diploma of Media and Communications

The Diploma of Media and Communications consists of Deakin University's first year degree units and provides you with a pathway to second year of the relevant Bachelor degrees at Deakin. Areas include animation, film studies, journalism, media and communication, photography and public relations.

Your pathway to Deakin University


Year Duration International Students Australian Students


2 trimesters (Fast track)
3 trimesters (Standard track)

A$25 340 (A$3167.5 per unit)

A$20 310 ($2538.75 per unit)




  • Melbourne Burwood Campus
  • Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Eight to twelve months


  • March, June and October


  • 059997G

Course structure

Complete and pass eight units

Core Units
+6 Additional Units
Core Units
  • ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life
  • ACC101 Creativity and Dangerous Ideas
+6 Additional Units

Choose from:

  • ACF103 Writing with the Camera (available in T1, 2017)
  • ACF104 Moving Pictures: Screening Film History (available in T3, 2016)
  • ACG102 Design and Typography
  • ACG103 Design Skills
  • ACI102 Pixel to Print: Digital Imaging 1
  • ACI103 Thinking Photography: History, Theory and Cultural context
  • ALC104 Media Genres: Negotiating Textual Forms and Pleasures
  • ALC105 Media Culture and Technological Transformations: Living in the Digital Age
  • ALJ111 News Reporting 1
  • ALJ112 News Reporting 2
  • ALR103 Introduction to Public Relations
  • ALR104 Strategic Communication and Writing
  • AMC100 Introduction to Animation
  • AMC104 Principles of Character Animation


Entry into second year of

  • A300 Bachelor of Arts 
    (CRICOS Code 012762C)
    • Design
    • Journalism
    • Media Studies
    • Photography
    • Public Relations
  • A331 Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) 
    (CRICOS Code 083978K)
  • A333 Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media) 
    (CRICOS Code 089296K)
  • A325 Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) 
    (CRICOS Code 083990C)
  • A352 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) 
    (CRICOS Code 077371C)