Diploma of Commerce

The Diploma of Commerce provides the foundation for further study in areas such as accounting, business law, economics, finance, international business, marketing and management at Deakin University. Completing a degree in one of these fields offers a wide range of career options across private and public-sector organisations.

Your pathway to Deakin University


Year Duration International Students Australian Students


2 trimesters (Fast track)
3 trimesters (Standard track)

A$25 340 (A$3167.5 per unit)

A$20 310 ($2538.75 per unit)




  • Melbourne Burwood Campus
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus
  • Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Eight to twelve months


  • March, June and October


  • 022637C

Course structure

Complete and pass eight units

Core Units

Choose from:

  • MWL101 Personal Insight
  • MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making
  • MAE101 Economic Principles
  • MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance
  • MLC101 Law for Commerce
  • MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals
  • MMM132 Management
  • MIS171 Business Analytics


Entry into second year of

  • M391 Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
    (CRICOS Code 072593G)
  • M300 Bachelor of Commerce
    (CRICOS Code 001838A)
  • D366 Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Information Systems*
    (CRICOS Code 078142G)
  • D322 Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws*
    (CRICOS Code 002452M)
  • M340 Bachelor of Information Systems
    (CRICOS Code 078140K)
  • M312 Bachelor of Laws*
    (CRICOS Code 026686F)
  • M348 Bachelor of Property and Real Estate^^
    (CRICOS Code 060343B)
  • D325 Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Commerce*
    (CRICOS Code 072834F)
  • D396 Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Laws*
    (CRICOS Code 080323G)

* Students will be required to undertake additional first year units. The degree may therefore take longer to complete.

^^ Students selecting a specific major may have to complete additional unit.