Student budgeting tips

As a student in Australia, there are lots of ways you can save money - you just need to know how! Check out our top tips below.

Banking in Australia

You’ll need to open a bank account in order to start saving and to avoid international fees. Learn more about banking in Australia here.

Budgeting tips

Follow these tips to make your cash go further

  • Make your own coffee. Barista-made coffee might be amazing - but having an extra $30 in your bank account tastes much sweeter!

  • Cook your own meals. There’s no need to go to restaurants or order takeaway when you can create it yourself. Jump online to find some awesome step-by-step instructions for any recipe you can think of.

  • Home Brand is your friend! Home Brand is the plain packaged food at supermarkets. It’s great quality and will save you hundreds.

  • Drink water. Save other drinks for the weekend; it will help you save money and it’s good for your waistline.

Textbooks are one of the most expensive supplies you will purchase at university. Check out some great places to get second hand books.

If you are choosing to live in a private rental, you will need to buy some household items. Check out the following stores online.

Keep in mind, buying second hand furniture and giving it a new life with some paint or stain can be quite fun!

Withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM to avoid paying extra fees. 

Learn more about banking in Australia.