Under-18 Guardianship Services

Under-18 Guardianship Services at Deakin College

When you’re starting uni in a new country, you’ll probably have a lot of questions – but it can be hard to know who to turn to. The Deakin College Under-18 Guardianship Services help you navigate your studies and life in Australia.

Every student is unique and you’re bound to have different questions from your peers. You’ll be matched with a dedicated Guardian who’ll provide you one-on-one support and act as a point of contact for your parents. You and your Guardian will meet once a fortnight and you can maintain regular contact by phone or email.

You can talk to your Guardian about:

  • Settling in to life in Melbourne or at Deakin
  • Receiving your paperwork, including your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and visa
  • Your visa’s working and study conditions
  • Managing your finances, setting up a bank account and applying for a Tax File Number
  • Applying for a study intermission
  • Applying to stay away from your residence for one or more nights
  • Dealing with issues around homesickness, stress or study.

Because you’re living away from home, your parents will be able to contact your Deakin College Guardian at any time to ask questions, receive updates or discuss your wellbeing.

External Guardianship Services

Under 18s students who choose homestay as an option must use one of the following External Guardianship Services recommended by Deakin College:

International Student Alliance (ISA)
T: (613) 9663 2887

A & J Student Care Services
T: (613) 9801 2251

Professional Student Care
T: (613) 9318 3009