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Disability Support

Deakin College is committed to providing a teaching and learning environment which promotes dignity, acknowledges students’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, and promotes an awareness of students’ needs and rights.

Deakin College encourages students to provide information regarding the nature of their disability and special needs during the application and enrolment process. It is important that you provide Deakin College with these details as early as possible so that we can assess your support needs and ensure that you are able to succeed in your chosen program of study.

If needed, disability support will be provided by the Deakin University Disability Resource Centre.

Deakin University Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

Deakin University’s Disability Resource Centre promotes inclusion and access, and provides services for students when the impacts of a disability, health or mental health condition affects their study and participation in university life.

If you are a student with a temporary or permanent disability, health or mental health condition, or have a carer responsibility, Deakin College staff may refer you to the DRC staff, who are available to meet with you to discuss the support you may need for your study. They will work with you to identify any adjustments, services and recommendations that will assist us in meeting your study needs.

Who Can Access These Services

You may need disability support for a range of reasons. Here are some examples of people who the DRC can assist:

  • students with health issues such as asthma, cancer or mental health problems who find there are periods of time when studying is very difficult
  • students with learning disabilities who benefit from alternative approaches to learning
  • students with hearing impairments who use sign language interpreters in class
  • students with broken limbs that stop them from doing their exams or from getting to class for a while.

If you are the full-time sole carer of someone with a disability, you may also be able to access some services.

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