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Working and Studying

Casual or part-time work is a great way to earn some money while studying. It’s also a way to gain work experience that looks great on your CV.

Employers will often admire a CV that demonstrates a student can balance study and work commitments. A student who can work while studying is usually one with good time-management skills and a willingness to work. Having work experience can improve your chances of finding graduate employment, and can build the soft skills that employers seek, like teamwork, time-management skills, communication skills and problem-solving.

You might also choose to volunteer or do an internship, both great ways of getting some experience in the workplace and boosting your career opportunities.

It’s important to consider how much time you are able to put in to work before making any commitments. Work should not interfere with your studies. If you are an international student, you must also be aware of the working hour limits attached to your student visa. Know when your deadlines are and when you might need to cut back your shifts.

Benefits of Working While Studying

If you can manage to work while you study, there are many benefits. These include:

  • Demonstrates your ability to balance your commitments and willingness to work hard
  • Looked at favourably by employers
  • Soft skills development
  • Supplemental income


Internships are a great way to gain experience in a particular field. For an internship to be considered legal, it must satisfy a number of criteria. Once you transfer to Deakin University, there are many opportunities to complete an internship that counts as credit towards your degree.

Visit the Deakin website for more information


Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for students who enjoy making a difference in the community. Volunteering is unpaid work, usually for a not-for-profit organisation. You can gain many of the skills associated with paid with, in addition to demonstrating exceptional motivation and good-will.

International Students

For international students, working or volunteering while studying is a good opportunity to practise your English, and to learn about Australian workplace culture. Keep in mind that you will need to limit the hours that you work to meet your student visa conditions.

Find out more about student visa work rights

Know Your Rights

Whether you’re a local or international student, there are laws outlining what conditions and pay you are entitled to. For more information, visit the Fair Work website.

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