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Deakin University Student Association (DUSA)

Student life at Deakin College is not just about your studies, it’s about having fun, meeting people and your own personal growth.

Deakin University Students Association (DUSA) is your student association, run for students by students. DUSA ensures you’re provided with a range of opportunities, activities and services so you can get the most out of uni life.

DUSA’s mission is to provide students with a broad range of activities, opportunities, support and services that will help you really make the most of every minute you spend at Deakin College and beyond at Deakin University. It is a fantastic way to enter the Deakin University community and become part of the heart-beat of the institution.

There’s something for everything at DUSA, whether it’s learning about new sports or hobbies, group travel within Victoria, or just discovering life within the cities of Melbourne and Geelong.

As you continue your studies at Deakin College, you will find that a day-to-day support structure will really add to your experience. Part of DUSA’s vision is providing such support, illustrated by the legal and advocacy services provided to members.

Access to DUSA

As a Deakin College student, you are able to apply for a DUSA Associate Membership, which will give you access to most DUSA services and clubs. To apply, visit the DUSA website.

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