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What to Bring

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Coming to Australia

Australia is a great place to live and study. Deakin’s campuses are located in Victoria – a vibrant and multicultural state in the south-east of Australia.

Whether you will be studying in Melbourne or Geelong, you will find a high standard of living, career opportunities, world-class arts and sports scenes and an amazing food and coffee culture.

Arranging Your Flights

To give you time to settle into your accommodation and prepare for study, we recommend arriving in Melbourne or Geelong at least two weeks before Orientation.

Many students travel to and from Australia at the beginning and end of each trimester, therefore flights can be heavily booked in advance. We recommend you book your flights as soon as you have confirmed your enrolment at Deakin College.

Melbourne and Geelong are serviced by two airports: Melbourne International Airport (Tullamarine) and Avalon Airport.

Find out more about our airports and your arrival

Airport Pick-up Service

Deakin College offers an airport pick-up service for all new students. This service is free for students enrolled at Deakin College, and takes you from the airport directly to Deakin College or your accommodation.

Find out more and book your airport pick-up

Understand Your Student Visa Conditions

Your student visa comes with some conditions regarding working, studying and health insurance. It’s important that you are aware of all these conditions.

Find out more about student visa conditions


Finding a great place to live is key to enjoying of your life as a student at Deakin College. We offer some on-campus accommodation, as well as a range of assistance and resources to help you find accommodation close to your campus.

It can be difficult to make a decision about permanent housing before you start your studies, unless you choose to live on campus. If you’re not going to live on campus, it’s a good idea to have some temporary accommodation arranged before you arrive.

Find out more about accommodation

Important Documents to Bring

When you go through immigration and border security at the airport, you will be asked to show your passport and other important documents. Please make sure you have the following available:

  • a valid passport (with at least six months until the expiry date)
  • your student visa (or print out of your visa grant notification letter)
  • your letter of offer from Deakin College
  • your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by Deakin College
  • proof of payments e.g. receipts for fees, your Overseas Student Healthcare Card, bank statement etc.
  • Evidence of insurance policies e.g. travel and health insurance
  • original or certified copies of your academic transcripts and qualifications
  • other identification e.g. birth certificate or driver’s licence
  • medical records and prescriptions (if applicable)
  • a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) if you’re under 18.

We recommend you keep all of your documents together in your carry-on luggage (not in your checked suitcase) so that it’s easy to access at the customs and immigration checkpoints.

We also recommend that you photocopy all of your important documents and keep copies with you or online (plus leave a copy with a family member or friend back home).

What Money to Bring with You

We recommend you bring a small amount of cash with you in case you have any problems with your credit or debit cards on your arrival.

There are banks and foreign currency exchanges at the airport where you can exchange cash, and several ATMs for withdrawing Australian dollars.

If you have a bank card or debit card that works internationally, you can keep your funds in your bank account at home and just withdraw cash as needed from ATMs.

Once you have set up an Australian bank account, you may choose to transfer your funds from overseas.

You may also choose to use a credit card (with a PIN – signatures are no longer accepted in Australia) or travellers’ cheques.

We recommend you will need at least $AUD1500–$2000 available when you arrive to cover initial accommodation and living expenses for your first couple of weeks.

Find out more about setting up a bank account in Australia

Mobile Phones

If you are bringing a mobile phone from home, make sure that it’s unlocked and not restricted to your home network or country. You can then purchase an Australian SIM card to insert into your phone. Sim cards can be purchased at the airport or from a range of outlets including post offices, supermarket chains, petrol stations and mobile phone company stores.

Most mobile phone companies in Australia will allow you to purchase a pre-paid SIM card or you can sign up to long term contract and pay after each month of use.


If you are bringing a new laptop with you, we recommend that you have proof of purchase (a receipt) with you to avoid paying import duties.

If you plan to buy a laptop in Australia, we recommend you look for a student deal. Deakin Staff and Students may be eligible for educational discounts offered by hardware and software vendors, such as Apple or Lenovo. Please visit the vendors website, or contact the vendor, to take advantage of these deals.

Of course, you will also have access to computers, wifi and printers at Deakin College.

Girl packing suitcase

Clothes to Pack

Victoria’s climate is variable, so make sure you pack for all four seasons. Of course, you will be restricted by your baggage allowance so if you can’t fit everything in your case, you will be able to purchase clothing upon your arrival. Remember that clothes may be more expensive in Australia than in your home country.

Australians generally dress very casually and while you are on campus, you are welcome to wear comfortable, casual clothes. If you intend to work part time, you may be required to wear business attire.

How Much Luggage to Bring

Your baggage allowance will depend on which airline you fly.

It will also vary depending on if you fly economy, premium economy, business or first class. We recommend that you contact your airline for details.

If you are flying domestically into Melbourne from within Australia, the weight limit may be significantly lower than your international flight, so please consider this when packing.

Do Your Research

There are many great pre-departure resources available to international students coming to Australia.

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