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Preparing to Arrive

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Accept Your Offer

If you haven’t yet accepted your offer, check your offer email or letter, as it will tell you how to do so. Once you’ve accepted, you can enrol in your course, either online using the How to Enrol webpage or at a live enrolment session.

Once you are enrolled, you will be able to access your Student Hub, check your course and unit details, sign up for classes, as well as print exam timetables, see results, re-enrol and pay your fees.

Check Important Dates

Check when your first day of university is. Remember, Orientation starts the week before classes and it’s really important that you attend.

Another important date is ‘census’. After census you can no longer change your units without being charged tuition fees. Census is at the end of Week 4 of classes but make sure you check the date in the Student Portal.

Exam timetables are published on the Student Portal during the trimester. Exams are held on campus the week after the end of the trimester.

Once you know all your key dates, we recommend you keep track of them in them to your new student diary.

Check key dates

Get Your Finances in Order

Making sure your finances are in order before you start at Deakin College means you can stress less about money and focus on your studies during the semester. Here are a few things you should do before you arrive:

Find Somewhere to Live

Deakin College students can choose to stay on-campus at Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds and Geelong Waterfront. If you prefer to live off campus, we can give you some tips on the best places to look.

Find out about on-campus and off-campus accommodation

How to Get to Campus

Make sure you know how to get to the right campus on your first day.

Find your campus directions and transport options for:

Important Information for Smokers

Deakin is a completely smoke-free university. This means you’re not able to smoke on any Deakin campus at any time.

If you do smoke, you can find free information and advice about quitting smoking at all campus medical centres.

Find out more about the Deakin medical centres

Safety and Security

We have Deakin security officers on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week who are easily identified by their uniforms, which display the Deakin security badge. If you ever feel unsafe on campus, you can contact Deakin security, particularly at night, who can escort you to and from your car or public transport.

Find out more about safety and security at Deakin

Connect with Other Students

Deakin College’s mentoring programs and Student Committee are the perfect way to meet new people and establish friendships. Look out for Orientation Mentors during your first week at Deakin College. They can assist new students by providing important information about studying at Deakin College and assisting with general queries.

Connecting with our Student Learning Mentors or being part of the Student Committee are also great ways to meet other Deakin College students. If you’re into sport or you have a special interest, why not join DUSA and be part of a student club?

Find out more about:

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