Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning

Students may apply for exemptions for prior learning, which includes formal study undertaken in recognised tertiary institutions in Australia, including universities, colleges, TAFE and other post-secondary education institutions.

Overseas institutions will be recognised to the extent to which they are considered to be equivalent to particular types of Australian institutions. Consideration may extend under certain conditions, to programs provided by recognised professional bodies, employers and other authorities, where appropriate certification is available, and demonstrable expertise and relevant experience.

Credit will normally be granted where relevant studies (or other demonstrated learning achievement) have been completed within 10 years.

A maximum of four exemptions may be granted.

Students must enrol and successfully complete all remaining Deakin College units awarded for the Diploma.

How to Apply

Please call us on (+61) 3 9244 5197 or email for more information on all policies, procedures and related documents.

When to apply?

Applications can be submitted before you commence your Deakin College course or within your first trimester of study. No applications will be accepted in a subsequent trimester. If you are applying for exemptions in your first trimester, then you must not enrol in those unit/s as your application will not be approved.

Applications must then be submitted to Deakin College by post, email or fax. If sending by email or fax, the originals or certified copies of the originals must also be posted.